Gurpukur Group consists of several independent associate non-profit and profit earning organizations is serving in the field of Agricultural and Social development in Bangladesh since 2000. The associate organizations are:

• Gurpukur
• Gurpukur Research Institute
• G-Science Implementation & Publication
• Gurpukur Corporation
• Zero Zero Three Seeds and
• 3K Foundation

Gurpukur Research Institute has been in operation since 2003 as a wing of Gurpukur to assist research and publication. In 2008, Gurpukur Research Institute became an individual research and development organization under mandate of Society registration act 1860 of Bangladesh government. Gurpukur Research Institute launches six (06) international journals regularly on living and non-living sciences as Agriculture, Socioeconomic, Environment, Engineering, Arts, Business, Computer, Information systems and Fisheries sciences. The journals are:

Journal’s abstract and full texts are uploaded regularly in the website or and thus it is getting circulated internationally. CAB International (CABI), Wallingford, UK is indexing our Journals to their abstracts database from 30 April 2007. CABI website:, US Library of Congress subscribes copies of our journals regularly. Their approval memorandum number is 403272 dated 16 March 2006. A number of local and foreign articles are included in each journal regularly, Most of public universities and research institutes and some private libraries in Bangladesh is our regular subscriber.  A large numbers of visitors visit our website and download articles

“G-Science Implementation and publication” is assisting Gurpukur Research Institute in the area of publication of research findings, journals, booklets and others.

“Zero Zero Three Seeds”, one of our important associate organizations, produces and supplies quality seeds to farmers. Presently it is producing HYV Rice and Hybrid maize seeds.

“Gurpukur Corporation”- the commercial associate organization of Gurpukur deals with agricultural inputs like Fertilizers, PGR, Pesticides and Seeds.

“3K foundation” (K represents Krishi, Krishak and Krishibid) acts as a platform of community development of members of Gurpukur family. Persons who are directly or indirectly involved with Gurpukur and its associate organizations are treated as member of Gurpukur family. Generally it organizes social programs, family program, annual family gathering, visits, picnic and other recreational activities.

We dream for Gurpukur University, Gurpukur Hospital and Gurpukur Krishi Hospital.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is only thing that ever has - Margaret Mead.


Md. Marufuzzaman


Production of Boro rice of this year (2010) assumed to be bumper. This is because govt.'s different initiatives like; low cost of fertilizers, availability of fertilizers, Irrigation subsidies, Krishi loan facilities etc. Do you think so?
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